Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 5 Season 2 teasers Storyline: Zeus, Hades skin, Greek theme & more

Epic  Games has been releasing teasers for Fortnite's upcoming season, here's  all of them and everything you need to know so far.

Fortnite Royale Battle Chapter 5 Season 2 Storyline

Season 2 will rely heavily on a story-line and plot, something Fortnite  players haven't seen in the game for a while. This is all due to the new  creative director of the game, Charlie Wen.

Zeus Fortnite Skin – Epic God Teased Ahead of C5 S2

The first teaser for Fortnite Section 5 Season 2 shows Zeus, the Greek God, tossing a lightning bolt-molded group of stars. He shows up as a young and athletic figure, sparkling brilliantly overhead.

Fortnite Battle Pass Hades Teaser Ahead of C5 S2

Hades' Fortnite C5 S2 Teaser is way darker and more mysterious. He's  wearing a dark, skull-like mask. Hades is holding a whip, which  transforms into a creature, reminding us of Cerberus.

Fortnite Nike/Aphrodite Teaser Ahead of C5 S2

Nike is a figure from Greek mythology, known as the goddess of victory.  She is typically depicted as a winged goddess, symbolizing swiftness and  triumph.

Fortnite C5 S2 Flying/Icarus Teaser

Will we be able to fly in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2? It seems as if  this is what the teaser for the upcoming season is suggesting. Also,  who's the man from the image? Could it be Icarus and will he be an NPC  in Fortnite? Flying sure sounds like an amazing feature.

Once we get to the release date later this week we’ll know more. These  mythology skins and mythics look like an interesting change from the  gun-heavy bosses over the last season.