Top Fortnite Gun Game codes for Creative mode Updated 2024

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Best Gun Game map codes in Fortnite

There are more insights regarding each Weapon Game guide underneath, with data about their extraordinary highlights to assist you with settling on which to look at straightaway.

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Latest Full Breakdown of the Top Fortnite Gun Game Codes

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Gulag Bodycam: 7763-8237-5832

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Need some multiplayer activity in the style of Vital mission at hand? Then, at that point, investigate bird of prey's Bodycam Gulag map .

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Barbenheimer Gun Game: 0347-5540-6538

This splendidly planned Imaginative 2.0 guide by Squating Canine brings the notable Barbenheimer peculiarity to Fortnite as a Firearm Game.

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Tiny Tilted: 5550-3336-9137

Everybody loves Shifted Pinnacles, the darling POI that at last got back in the saddle in Part 3

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Melee Weapon Swap: 4231-0761-3396

This activity stuffed weapon game Fortnite map code favors swords over firearms and trades out the standard weapon game equation for a scuffle based brawler.

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Bikini Bottom Gun Game: 3300-7669-9591

Hybrids are no more unusual to Fortnite Innovative Mode and this tomfoolery Firearm Game will permit you to bounce into the vivid universe of Spongebob.