Earthquake Today: Earthquake maps show where seismic activity shook the Northeast (Updated)

Inhabitants across the Upper east were shaken by a 4.8 greatness seismic tremor that shook the thickly populated New York City metropolitan region and a large part of the encompassing locale on Friday morning. The U.S. Geographical Review rushed to deliver maps showing where the shudder was focused, in New Jersey, and the region where it was felt.

The USGS detailed the tremor happened around 7 miles north of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. It showed that the shudder could have been felt by in excess of 42 million individuals.

earthquake today

Individuals in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston and different region of the Upper east announced shaking. Quakes going on for a few seconds were felt more than 200 miles away close to the Massachusetts-New Hampshire line.

The guide beneath shows the seismic power of the tremor. The guide, which is generally a lighter shade of blue, shows that the power was light to feeble, contingent upon the separation from the focal point.

Another map released by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre on X, formerly Twitter, highlights the eyewitness reports of shaking and possible damage levels during the seismic event.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have been briefed on the quake.

“We’re taking this extremely seriously and here’s why: There’s always the possibility of aftershocks. We have not felt a magnitude of this earthquake since about 2011,” Hochul said.

People across the region were startled by the rumbling of the quake. One New York City resident told CBS New York’s Elijah Westbrook, “I was laying in my bed, and my whole apartment building started shaking. I started freaking out,”

It’s not the first time the East Coast and New York City have been hit by an earthquake.

A 5.0 quake was measured in New York City in 1884.

The shaking stirred memories of the Aug. 23, 2011, earthquake that jolted tens of millions of people from Georgia to Canada. Registering magnitude 5.8, it was the strongest quake to hit the East Coast since World War II. The epicenter was in Virginia.

That earthquake left cracks in the Washington Monument, spurred the evacuation of the White House and Capitol and rattled New Yorkers three weeks before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

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