Latest Warzone Mobile Best Weapons Tier New List April 2024

Need some assistance sorting out which are the best weapons in Disaster area Portable? This weapon level rundown is precisely exact thing you’re searching for.

It isn’t enough for players to simply be great at shooting to win matches in Disaster area Versatile, you should likewise have the option to involve every weapon perfectly positioned with impeccable timing. Obviously, they are not all equivalent in strength and adequacy. Accordingly, we have made this best Disaster area Versatile weapons level rundown to make it simpler for you to pick.

It is important to note that we relied on our preferences and community feedback when ranking the guns. Therefore, there is a chance that your opinion may differ. In addition, with upcoming updates, the balance may change radically.

Warzone Mobile Best Weapons Tier List

Warzone Mobile Best Weapons Ranking Explained

Each type of weapon in Warzone Mobile, naturally, has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, SMGs are good at close range, while assault rifles are good for medium and long range. Therefore, we ranked guns only among their class in our Warzone Mobile best weapons Tier List.

  • In S Tier, you will find the best guns. They initially have excellent stats, and if used correctly, they can become even better. In other words, this is the current meta of the game.
  • Then, in Tier A, we also collected good weapons. But they are slightly inferior to S Tier.
  • B Tier weapons have average stats. They can perform well with the right attachments.
  • Further, in C Tier, you will find guns suitable only for certain combat scenarios. In addition, they will also require the best attachments to be particularly effective.
  • Finally, Tier D contains the weakest weapons in Warzone Mobile. They are best suited for learning the game’s mechanics.

Warzone Mobile: Best SMG Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier RAM-9, HRM-9, Striker-9, AMR-9, Rival-9
A Tier WSP Swarm, WSP-9, VEL 46, Lachmann Shroud
B Tier Striker, ISO 9mm, Lachmann Sub, Fennec 45
C Tier ISO 45, Vaznev-9k, MX9
D Tier PDSW 528, Minibak, BAS-P, FSS Hurricane

RAM-9 is one of the best representatives of SMGs. Even though it is extremely ineffective at long distances, at close range it has no equal. The recoil control of this gun allows you to fire quickly and accurately. Plus, thanks to its size and weight, you remain mobile during the battle with this weapon in your hands.

Warzone Mobile: Best Assault Rifles Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier SVA 545, RAM-7, Holger 556
A Tier MTZ-556, BP50, MCW
B Tier FR 5.56, DG-56, TAQ-56
C Tier Tempus Razorback, Chimera, TR-76 Geist, STB 556, Kastov 545, Lachman-556, Kastov-74U
D Tier M4, FR Avancer, M13B, Kastov 762, ISO Hemlock, M16, M13C

The RAM-7 is a great choice for new and advanced players thanks to its versatility in Warzone Mobile. Its fast reload, combined with high damage, allow you to fight effectively at both close and medium range. Depending on the attachments, it can be customized to better suit your playing style.

Warzone Mobile: Best Battle Rifles Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier BAS-B, MTZ-762
A Tier Sidewinder
B Tier TAQ-V, FTAC Recon
C Tier Lachmann-762
D Tier SOA Subverter, Cronen Squall, SO-14

When it comes to Battle Rifles, the BAS-B shines the best. While it lacks in magazine size and mobility, it makes up for it in damage and fire rate. Unlike previous weapons, this gun is suitable for medium to long range. And if you also use meta attachments, you can further enhance its strengths.

Warzone Mobile: Best Pistols Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier COR-45, Renetti
A Tier TYR
B Tier WSP Stinger, X12
C Tier X13 Auto, FTAC Siege, Basilisk
D Tier GS Magna, .50GS, P890, 9mm Daemon

Pistols are a good option for secondary weapons, especially ones like the COR-45. This is a flexible pistol with a decent rate of fire and damage at close range. That’s what you need to destroy an enemy who gets too close.

Warzone Mobile: Best Shotguns Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier Riveter
A Tier Haymaker, Lockwood 680
B Tier Bryson 890, Bryson 800
C Tier MX Guardian, KV Broadside
D Tier Lockwood 300, MX Guardian, Expedite 12

Riveter really shines in close-range combat in Warzone Mobile. The rate of fire and damage of this gun is so high that you may forget that you are holding a shotgun in your hands. Another strength of the Riveter is its moderate mobility, which plays a key role in many combat scenarios. However, you have to forget about mid-to-long-range combat if you choose this weapon.

Warzone Mobile: Best Sniper Rifles Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier MCPR-300, XRK Stalker
A Tier KATT AMR, Victus XMR, FJX Imperium
B Tier Longbow, KV Inhibitor
C Tier SP-X 80
D Tier LA-B 330, Carrack .300, Signal 50

As for Sniper Rifles, the MCPR-300 takes its place in the current Warzone Mobile meta. The strength of this sniper rifle is its high bullet speed and damage. It is obvious that it is suitable exclusively for long distances. But thanks to the high bullet velocity, you can kill several enemies before they notice you or have time to react. Moreover, with the right attachments, you can even one-shot kill your targets.

Warzone Mobile: Best LMGs Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier Pulemyot 762, Bruen MK9, Holger 26
A Tier TAQ Evolvere, TAQ Eradicator, DG-58 LSW
C Tier HCR 56, RPK, 556 Icarus
D Tier Sakin MG38

And we complete our Warzone Mobile tier list with heavy artillery in the form of the Pulemyot 762. This is definitely a monster among LMGs. This is not surprising since it has high damage, rate of fire, range, and a large magazine capacity. Of course, you will have to sacrifice mobility and reload speed. But with good cover from teammates, it will allow you to destroy the enemy team in a few seconds.

That’s all you need to know about Warzone Mobile best weapons tier list. Using guns from the better tiers will make it easier for you to win matches. But you will still need time to get used to using them correctly.

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