Best 5 Top Selling Hyundai Vehicles in 2024

Hyundai’s new send-offs, particularly the Creta facelift, have assisted the carmaker with enlisting recapture lost ground in 2024.Over the most recent couple of months, Hyundai saw Goodbye Engines assuming control over second spot in car deals, as the Nexon ended up being a well known item among clients, as Creta’s deals dwindled. Be that as it may, with the send off of the new Creta, Hyundai has guaranteed its place once more and the Creta has surpassed the Nexon. Here are the main 5 smash hit vehicles for Hyundai in 2024

Top 5 best-selling Hyundai vehicles in 2024
Top 5 best-selling Hyundai vehicles in 2024

Best-selling Hyundai cars and SUVs in 2024

Hyundai Aura

In fifth is the Hyundai Atmosphere, the minimized vehicle in view of the Stupendous i10 Nios stage, which likewise supports the Hyundai Exter. In February 2024, Hyundai sold 5,053 units of the Quality, while enrolling a YoY deals decline of 9%.

Hyundai i20

The i20 was Hyundai’s fourth smash hit vehicle in February 2024, and the new update and the presentation of the N Line have not helped get hatchback deals for the carmaker. In February 2024, Hyundai sold 5,131 units of the i20 when contrasted with selling 9,287 units in February 2023, enlisting a YoY development of negative 45%.

Hyundai Exter

The Exter is the freshest item presenting from Hyundai and depends on a similar stage as the Terrific i10 Nios and the Hyundai Quality. The passage level SUV before long acquired prominence yet couldn’t surpass its nearest rival on the lookout, the Goodbye Punch. Last month, Hyundai sold 7,582 units of the Exter.

Hyundai Venue

The Setting, what offers its supporting with the Kia Sonet, comes in just short of the leader, as Hyundai figured out how to sell 8,933 units of the sub-4 meter SUV in India. In any case, the Hyundai Scene, in spite of being sold in various variations, including a N Line form, saw deals decline, enlisting a negative 11 percent last month, contrasted with February 2023.

Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta has been the carmaker’s best-seller for many years and continues to do so. The launch of the updated version has even helped the carmaker beat the Tata Nexon in sales and climb up the sales ladder. Hyundai sold 15,276 units of the Creta, witnessing a YoY growth of 47 percent.

2024 Hyundai Car Lineup Updates: Dramatic Sonata, Tweaked Elantra, and Ioniq 6


2024 Hyundai Car Lineup Updates: Dramatic Sonata, Tweaked Elantra, and Ioniq 6
2024 Hyundai Car Lineup Updates: Dramatic Sonata, Tweaked Elantra, and Ioniq 6

Car purchasers ought to be excited with Hyundai at this moment. While endless automakers are leaving low-threw four-entryways with additional famous, flexible hybrids, Hyundai (basically until further notice) is multiplying down on its vehicle setup with weighty revives for the Elantra and Sonata, reinforced by the marvelous Ioniq 6 — a Vehicle of the Year finalist. The automaker has given us heaps of changes to go as the year progressed; how about we get to it. Here’s beginning and end new on 2024 Hyundai cars.

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