Election Live Updates 2024: RFK Jr. announces Nicole Shanahan as running mate for independent presidential bid

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. declared Tuesday that he is picking Nicole Shanahan, a benefactor and California-based lawyer and business visionary, as his running mate in his remote chance free offered for the White House.

At an occasion in Oakland, Kennedy presented Shanahan as somebody who “who will represent twenty to thirty year olds and Gen Z. Somebody who thinks often about mending our kids, safeguarding our current circumstance, reestablishing our dirts, and getting the synthetics out of our food, and who comprehends how innovation will either subjugate us or give us a way back to opportunity and thriving.”

Shanahan, 38, who is likewise known for her high-profile separate from Google prime supporter Sergey Brin, was believed to be a main competitor for Kennedy, especially since the mission will require significant subsidizing for its undertakings. She contributed $4 million to the Kennedy super PAC American Qualities 2024 and was associated with planning the creation of a promotion featuring the Kennedy lobby, which circulated during the Super Bowl.

Up to this point, Kennedy is just on the overall political race voting form in Utah.

The pick comes one day after Kennedy’s mission undermined legitimate activity against the Nevada Secretary of State’s office over his request to show up on the voting form after CBS News revealed that the marks he had accumulated could be invalid since his request did exclude a bad habit official competitor.

Documents requested from the Nevada office revealed that Kennedy only named himself, without a running mate, on his candidate petition, in violation of the rules, potentially making the signatures collected in the state void.

The secretary of state’s office acknowledged its staff had misinformed Kennedy.

The Kennedy campaign said in a statement Tuesday that, now that it has announced a vice presidential pick, it will begin collecting signatures this week in 19 additional states that require a running mate for ballot access.

Those states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Kennedy had earlier this month teased his vice-presidential announcement, putting forward some big names such as football star Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Jesse Ventura.

RFK Jr. announces Nicole Shanahan as running mate for independent presidential bid
RFK Jr. announces Nicole Shanahan as running mate for independent presidential bid

Here are some of the names Kennedy had considered:

Aaron Rodgers, 40, is an expert football player for the New York Planes and lines up with Kennedy in his wariness towards immunization commands. In 2021, Rodgers affirmed his unvaccinated status only days subsequent to testing positive for Coronavirus, compelling him to pass on a Sunday football match-up against the Kansas City Bosses. Kennedy told the New York Times recently that Rodgers was a main competitor to get everything done.

Previous Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, 72, was likewise referenced by Kennedy as a force to be reckoned with. Ventura, a previous grappler who came out on top in the lead representative’s race as a Change Party competitor, said he’d think about the gig, however he contradicted Kennedy’s resistance to immunizations.

Previous Popularity based Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, 42, hasn’t denied she was drawn closer by Kennedy, yet when gotten some information about it, just said, “I will let Bobby Kennedy represent himself. He’s an old buddy and I truly love and regard him and his heart and why he doing he’s doing.” In any case, she talked at CPAC in February and showered acclaim on previous President Donald Trump.

Mike Rowe, 62, previous host of “Grimy Positions” Television series, let CNN know that he got a call from Kennedy about being his running mate. He said they talked about professional preparation and his establishment, mikeroweWORKS.

“Eventually, he inquired as to whether I could at any point think about campaigning a public service position, I spit my espresso back into my cup and I said, ‘Genuinely?'”

Shanahan expresses skepticism about the effects of “pharmaceutical medicine”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vice presidential pick, Nicole Shanahan, cited finding a cure for autism and chronic diseases as important to her and detailed her personal experience with her daughter’s autism diagnosis.

Meanwhile: Biden and Harris team up for a rare joint appearance in North Carolina to take on GOP over health care

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took on Republicans over health care in North CarolinaTuesday, looking to press what they believe is a winning issue ahead of November’s election.

The stop in the North Carolina capital of Raleigh marked a rare joint appearance on the road by the duo, highlighting the emphasis they will place on health care in the general election clash against former President Donald Trump.

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