Epic Games Gifted Fortnite Free V-Bucks to Some Players (Update) 2024

Fortnite servers are as of now back ready with the v29.10 update having been applied – in the event that considering changed for the fight royale mode, you can look at the Fortnite v29.10 fix notes. Beside the overall acclimations to the game, a few players have found a totally different sort of progress – one in their virtual wallets. Incredible Games gifted specific Fortnite players 950 V-Bucks free of charge. That is sufficient in-game money to manage the cost of the ongoing fight pass, which itself is the most ideal way to acquire much more V-Bucks as well as superficial prizes.

Epic Games Gifted Free V-Bucks to Some Fortnite Players
Epic Games Gifted Free V-Bucks to Some Fortnite Players

What’s behind this episode of liberality from Epic Games? Nobody truly knows. What’s significant is that you check your in-game financial balance, since you could have gotten significantly more extravagant thanks to this update.

Players speculated that it might have to do with the promised refund for subscribers to Fortnite Crew, who recently had to purchase the battle pass due to an issue, but that compensation has already been paid out. Another possible reason is a problem with the battle pass acknowledged on March 25, 2024, which reset battle pass progress for some players or made it seem like they never owned it in the first place. Player levels appear to have been reset by this issue as well.

Epic Games has not updated players on any progress regarding this issue, but those free 950 V-Bucks could be an apology for the problem and may indicate that affected players will find their account restored to its original state.

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