Latest Fortnite Update Makes Change to Kratos (March 2024)

A player understands that Fortnite has made an unexpected update to the Kratos skin, changing a detail in the Divine force of War hero’s visual.

A Fortnite player saw that the game got an unexpected update and changed the facial movements of Kratos’ skin. In its seven years of presence, Fortnite has investigated a scope of subjects and joint efforts with huge names in mainstream society. For its ebb and flow season, Fortnite has brought an exemplary subject, alongside new skins for players to open.

Fortnite Part 5 Season 2 elements the Fantasies and Humans topic, zeroing in on happy from Greek folklore. Once more therefore, Fortnite has refreshed its guide to add Greek-themed lakes and structures. The fight royale has added four new focal points, one of which is Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek divine beings. The new Fortnite season investigates a notable topic that has delivered renowned mainstream society characters, and a player has seen that one of these characters has gotten an update, changing something simultaneously unobtrusive and perceptible in its appearance.

Reddit user Alphasilverhawk shared a video showing a surprise update that gave Kratos’ skin new facial expressions for his lobby pose. Now, the God of War protagonist has an angry expression. Fortnite released Kratos’ skin in Chapter 2 Season 5, adding the look based on the character’s appearance in God of War Ragnarok. In addition to this skin, Epic Games’ battle royale got a skin featuring Kratos wearing golden armor.

Will Kratos Reappear in Fortnite During the Current Season?

In spite of the fact that Fortnite has begun another season with a Greek folklore subject, the Kratos skin is no place to be seen. Subsequently, Kratos has been absent from the Fortnite in-game store for more than 1,000 days. Albeit the Simple has been off Fortnite’s radar for quite a while, leakers have prodded energizing news for Lord of War fans, guaranteeing that the game will add a skin of the youthful Kratos, in light of the person’s appearance in 2005’s Lord of War. Another gossip asserts that notwithstanding the youthful Kratos skin, Fortnite will deliver an Atreus skin, which will show up in the game’s store alongside the arrival of his dad’s awe-inspiring appearance.

Kratos’ New Angry Facial Animations Cause Stir Among Players

Players speculate on Epic’s surprise update of Kratos’ facial animations in Fortnite, leading to mixed reactions. Players in the Fortnite community were taken aback by Epic’s recent update to Kratos’ lobby pose, giving him a much angrier look, sparking various speculations.


  • Players react to the new angry facial animations of Kratos in Fortnite.
  • Speculations arise as to why Epic updated Kratos after such a long time.
  • Some believe the update hints at the return of the Greek Pantheon in Fortnite.

DylanFn0 Comments

Bro sensed Zeus has returned, leading to a humorous take on Kratos’ updated look.

NecessaryPeanut77 Comments

ZOOZ your son has returned! i come seeking THE CHUG JUG OF OLYMPUS!, a funny callout to Greek mythology in Fortnite.

EncryptoGamer Comments

It’s probably because he’s not the only god of war here anymore, implying a shift in the Fortnite universe.

A_SamxRAI Comments

That’s bc the Greek Panteon’s back. Someone’s gotta kill them XD, referencing the possible storyline involving the Greek gods.

Players are buzzing with excitement and speculation surrounding Kratos’ new look in Fortnite, leading to humorous and intriguing theories about the future of the game and its mythology-inspired characters.

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