The bridge collapsed after being hit by a ship in the United States, a big disaster in America! Many lives are feared

Major bridge disaster in America! A large section of Baltimore’s iconic bridge collapsed after the ship hit it. Several cars and many people fell into the Patapsco River below. It is feared that many people may lose their lives.

According to CNN, early on Tuesday (March 26), a cargo ship hit a bridge in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Soon after, a large section of Baltimore’s iconic ‘Francis Scott Key’ bridge collapsed. According to US news reports, the ship was on its way out of Baltimore Harbor when it struck a bridge pier. Several cars and many people fell into the Patapsco River below as the bridge collapsed. After the collision, the ship got stuck under the bridge. Many people are feared to have lost their lives in this incident. So far no number has been reported by the administration.

The Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore collapses after a ship crashed into it

A few videos of the incident have gone viral on social media. The video captured the moment the bridge collapsed. The video shows the ship crashing into one of the piers of the bridge. A fireball appears. Then the bridge is falling into three or four pieces.

It is learned that after the incident, traffic has been stopped on both sides of the bridge. The bridge over the Patapsco River is 1.6 miles long. The bridge is a crossing outside Baltimore Harbor and an essential link to Interstate-695 Road or the Baltimore Beltway. Cars travel in 4 lanes in each direction. Hence, huge queues of vehicles have fallen on both sides of the bridge due to the suspension of traffic. Boat traffic under the bridge has also been closed. All vessels and steamboats on the Patapsco River have been diverted by the Maryland Transportation Authority.

Members of the Baltimore City Fire Department arrived at the scene. Rescue operation has been started. The US Coast Guard has also arrived. The Baltimore Police Department also said they were aware of the bridge collapse. A team of them went to the spot.

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