(Update) From concept to creation: Nick Eh 30 on building Fortnite’s fan-favorite Latest maps

The universe of Fortnite Imaginative is a consistently advancing scene that has reformed what is conceivable in gaming following the send off of Unbelievable Proofreader for Fortnite (UEFN). This toolset has permitted innumerable people, plan studios, and content makers like Scratch “Scratch Eh 30” Amyoony to flex their inventive personalities and execute their thoughts.

A family-accommodating character, Scratch Eh 30 hopped on board the UEFN train during the “Just Up” pattern and has since made three super fruitful guides close by 3D Lab. Esports.gg got the opportunity to talk with Scratch Eh 30 in regards to his UEFN attempts. He gave us a look in the background of Fortnite Funland, Decoration Wars, and the as of late delivered Klombo Wars.

How Nick Eh 30 and 3D Lab brought Fortnite Funland to life

What started as a straightforward device permitting map makers to plan one of a kind encounters has bloomed into something staggering. UEFN gives imaginative people, for example, Scratch Eh 30, one of the main Fortnite makers, an opportunity to carry his inspirational tones and enjoyable to a huge number of players around the world.

Close by the innovative group 3D Lab, Scratch Eh 30 sent off Fortnite Funland on October 6, 2023.

Fortnite Funland nominated at The Game Awards

On top of things The Game Awards 2023, a yearly service to celebrate games, chief maker Geoff Keighley declared a class committed to Fortnite Innovative. A few guides were selected, including Scratch Eh 30 and 3D Lab’s Fortnite Funland.

How to support a map post-release

Supporting a Fortnite Creative map post-launch is crucial to maintaining a player base and driving more traffic. We inquired about how Nick Eh 30 and his team approach this concept while being mindful of his busy daily schedule.

Streamer Wars: The creation of a Zone Wars map with an exciting Nick Eh 30 twist

After the success of Fortnite Funland, Nick Eh 30 and 3D Lab designed and launched Streamer Wars — a spin on the popular Zone Wars niche. Although thousands of Zone Wars maps exist, Streamer Wars is unique in its approach.

How the new Klombo Wars Zero Build map came to be

Scratch Eh 30 and 3D Lab followed the arrival of Decoration Battles with a Zero Form follow-up. This guide, named Klombo Wars, takes the adorable Klombo animal from Fortnite and gives players a Zero Form scene to appreciate.

Family and life balance

Many streamers and content creators have support systems to help make their lives easier and more manageable. This sentiment applies especially to Nick Eh 30, who receives incredible support from his family and the Eh Team.

What’s next for Nick Eh 30 on his UEFN adventure?

Nick Eh 30 does not plan to launch his own UEFN studio and feels there’s no reason to fix something that isn’t broken. He and the team at 3D Lab have a few projects in the works, one of which is a map centered around animals and amusement park rides.

From a gamer to a content creation superstar, Nick Eh 30 has done it all while always bringing positivity to his community. His ventures have brought him into UEFN, where he and 3D Lab have created unique experiences for all.

Fortnite Funland, Streamer Wars, and Klombo Wars are all available to play in Fortnite. See below for all of the information, and follow Nick Eh 30 for all of his latest projects!

  • Fortnite Funland – 2057-3742-0636
  • Streamer Wars – 4716-2337-7573
  • Klombo Wars – 5087-4245-0507

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