(Updated) Shadow Briefings in Fortnite: All locations and how they work March 2024

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 has presented numerous weapons, things, and focal points (POIs). Nonetheless, the designers have chosen to redo the Work Sheets from past Fortnite seasons into a groundbreaking thought, named Shadow Briefings. These little work stations are your go-to choices in light of multiple factors, and this article will make sense of all that you really want to be aware of them.

What are Shadow Briefings in Fortnite?

Shadow Briefings in Fortnite Part 5 Season 2 is a refreshed idea that replaces Occupation Sheets from past seasons. Notwithstanding, rather than the standard Abundance and nonexclusive undertakings, the Shadow Briefings offer somewhat more. Despite the fact that you can in any case secure Bounties, you can likewise arrange Supply Drops, gain vehicles, and get guides to covered treasure.

Here are the four types of Shadow Briefings you will find on the Fortnite Island and what they do:

  • Plunder – Gives you a path to a pair of buried treasure chests.
  • Vehicle – Spawns a vehicle.
  • Supply Drop – Spawns a Supply Drop.
  • Bounty – Gives you a Bounty on another player.

To utilize Shadow Briefings, you must find and interact with one of the terminals around the map. Depending on the type that you see, it will perform one of the four actions listed above.

Where are the new Job Boards located?

It merits bringing up that some Shadow Briefings don’t have a 100 percent produce rate in the flow Fortnite season. Anyway, the guide displayed above is from Fortnite.GG and features each likely produce. We have found that the Abundance Shadow Briefings show up more regularly, however the generate pace of the others is eccentric.

How to complete the Supply Briefings Quest

A Journey is accessible in Fortnite that requests that players find and tolerating Shadow Briefings. You can go to one of the various Abundance choices to achieve this. These are dependable since they produce more regularly, and you can rapidly finish the test this away. In the wake of tolerating three, you are done with the test.

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