Latest Fortnite Season: Chapter 5 Season 2 map changes and battle pass skins Updated 2024

Say hello to Zeus and co.

The stand by is finished, with Fortnite Section 5 Season 2 – Legends and Humans – having sent off yesterday (Friday eighth Walk).The season’s name was affirmed as of late when Epic delivered the new “divine stacking screen”, which is incorporated previously.More subtleties have arisen, and we can quit going crazy with our hypothesis – until the following week, at any rate, when we will currently be pondering Part 5 Season 3!

Recently, Fortnite went through lengthy server downtime as the new content was patched into the game. That seems to be over now! So check out the key details below before you jump into the game anew.

When did Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 end? Confirmed date

Fortnite Part 5 Season 1 finished at 7am on Friday eighth Walk 2024 for those in the UK.

Anyone in the US will have noticed that Chapter 5 Season 1 ended at 11pm PT on 7th March/2am ET on 8th March 2024.

When did Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 start? Confirmed release date and UK start time delay

The Fortnite Part 5 Season 2 delivery date was Friday eighth Walk 2024, and it will run until 24th May 2024, the designers from Epic have now affirmed.

Concerning an exact time, the authority Epic site initially expressed that the new Fortnite season would be playable by around 1 pm GMT, according to a UK point of view, on eighth Walk.

Notwithstanding, there were unexpected issues in the changeover between seasons, provoking the designers to postpone the go-live time multiple times all through Friday.

We’re satisfied to say that, starting around Saturday morning, Fortnite is back on the web and the new season is right now playable.

The designers have cautioned against fluctuating line times, however the game is back and the new season has started! We have every one of the critical subtleties beneath.

What is in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2? Map changes and new characters explained

The new Fortnite season, titled Myths and Mortals, will feature Greek gods Zeus and Hades, new Legendary locations, weapons, loot and updates made to Fortnite game modes.

We’ll get into all the details further down courtesy of the official announcement on the Fortnite website.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 map changes

Check out all the new locations just below!

Legendary Location – Mount Olympus

Amazing reported this new area by saying: “You can’t have Olympus without Mount Olympus. Home of Zeus, you’ll continuously feel like you’re being watched with the stupendous landmark that graces this incredible mountain.”

Legendary Location – The Grim Gate

“To get to The Underworld, one way to get there is crossing the river at Grim Gate… where the three-headed guard dog Cerberus awaits. Venture to the west of the Island to confront these canines!”

Legendary Location – The Underworld

“Past the hounds is the home of Hades: The Underworld. Despite its flowing streams, the land of this city is almost completely dried up.”

Legendary Location – Brawler’s Battleground

“The god of war, Ares always welcomes a battle. Take him up on his challenge in the Brawler’s Battleground arena south of Mount Olympus. (Oh yeah, Ares will be the Outfit of the April 2024 Crew Pack!)”

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 loot – new weapons and items

New thing the Thunderclap of Zeus allows players to lift high up prior to sending an overwhelming lighting bolt towards their objective. Players should overcome Zeus himself to open this Mythic Power or track down it across the island.

There’s likewise the Wings of Icarus that allows you to fly across the guide, yet just for a brief timeframe, in case your wings catch fire.

The Chain of Gehenna will be added to the game later in the season, however we can see a small mystery of it on X.

There are new weapons to try out, too:

  • Gatekeeper Shotgun
  • Harbinger SMG
  • Huntress DMR
  • Warforged Assault Rifle

Players can also get some new mods for your weapons:

  • Thermal Scope – Doubles the scope view and features thermal vision
  • Speedgrip – Increases movement speed when aiming

Some weapons and items are staying from last season too:

  • Hammer Pump Shotgun
  • Frenzy Auto Shotgun
  • Nemesis AR
  • Thunder Burst SMG
  • Reaper Sniper Rifle
  • Ranger Pistol

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Outfits – battle pass skins

As part of the Myths and Mortals battle pass, new Olympian Outfits can be unlocked. Take a look at these new skins in the official image above!

  • Cerberus (unlocked immediately!) Rise from The Underworld.
  • AphroditeLead with your heart.
  • Poseidon – Slurp-god of the sea. King of the beach.
  • Medusa Humanity’s stone-hearted defender.
  • Zeus – Warrior-king of the gods.
  • Artemis – All must respect the natural laws, even the gods.
  • Hades – The overseer of the Underworld.

Avatar Korra will be coming later in the season, too, so keep an eye out for her!

What else do we know about Fortnite Chapter 5 season 2? Leaks, rumours and predictions

One supposed leak suggests that Fortnite will collaborate further with LEGO to introduce Ninjago to its dedicated game mode.

That does sound very plausible, with Ninjago buildings, enemies, bosses and familiar faces from Ninjago all set to appear. This rumoured collaboration gained traction when shared by Fortnite leaker Shiina on social media.

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